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I enjoy seeing the transformation in my clients as they look in the mirror, and see another illustration looking back...... I love the way that make up can extract and uncover a different side to an individual’s character or style. Whether she’s a “plain Jayne” using make-up for the first time, a veteran “Diva”; who just wants a little lift or a model on a fashion shoot. It’s so much more than applying a coat of mascara or a bit of blush.... it’s about applying confidence.

There should be no rules when it comes to using make-up, often people are afraid of experimenting with make-up, especially when working with bold and vibrant colours. Make-up can be used to expand our definition of “self”, to enhance our “inner beauty” and existing features, most importantly finding out what works for has NO limitations. I take pleasure in working with all types of skin tones and I am constantly updating on new trends and products to ensure that the client has the best possible experience.

I was greatly inspired by the late Kevin Aucoin because of his vision and creativity....he is a make up Alchemist. Pat McGrath is another inspiration, she too uses “the face as her Canvas”, Sharon Martin, David Horne, Sam Fine, Naveeda, Jawaad Ashraf and so many others continue in assisting to keep my passion alive.

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